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Describing Vox Audio isn’t easy. Yes, they are singers. Yes, they are sound-makers. Yes, they are funny and serious. And yes, yes, yes, they are talented. Created by Jeremy James, Shalisa James, Michelle Mailhot, Rene Ruiz, Paul Sperrazza and John Valines III, Vox Audio features the varied talents of five unique world-class vocalists who use no instruments other than the human voice to create complex sonic textures, rhythmic drumbeats, thumping bass lines and searing guitar-like solos. The interactive show combines tight harmonies, improv comedy, vocal sound effects and unique visuals. It has been described as “a musical experience unlike any other.”

  • “Pitch-perfect humor!” – Paul Shaffer, The Late Show with David Lettermen

  • “They mount musical miracles!” – The Village Voice

  • “Great fun for the whole family!” – Dr. Joy Browne, WOR Radio

  • “Vocal genius!” – Hakuhodo, International Dy Media Partners, Japan

  • “Don’t miss it!” – Time Out New York

  • “They will blow you away!” – FOX 5 TV New York

  • “Wow, you’ve never heard anything like this before! Simply Amazing!” – WPLJ-FM, NYC

  • “Vox Audio is a convention planner’s dream come true. I’ve used them for audiences ranging from 20 to 2,000 with fantastic results every time. They sound fantastic and look great.” – Dick Wilson, director of sales conferences, Tupperware

  • “They did songs incorporating our catch phrases and people. They even used our office products to create a rhythm section. Our people loved it!”
    – Jim Purdin, president, Newell Office Products