Johnny Cool is a retro swing dance band in Florida.

Johnny Cool Swing Band was formed during the retro-swing days. Playing music from modern bands like Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, they mix in fun songs from older groups like Louie Prima, Louis Jordan and Cab Calloway. Then they added a little Rat Pack and, today, a good measure of some Michael Bublé, giving the band a well-rounded repertoire of fun, swinging songs for all kinds of events, parties, shows and concerts.

When performing for dances, they are also capable of rocking, rolling, rhythm and bluesing with today’s music, as well.
Clark Barrios is the lead vocalist in Johnny Cool and the Mobster Swing Band
Johnny Cool and the Mobster Swing Band appear at parties, dances, weddings and other events.

All of our studio photos are by the fabulous Michael Cairns of Wet Orange Studios, Orlando. Song list is coming soon.

Johnny Cool Swing Band can be configured in many different sizes. From 7 to 12+ pieces. Here are a few of the standard configurations.


Johnny Cool in it’s smallest version is 7-pieces.

Clark, two of our JC Flapper girls plus a great rhythm section.

Part of the magic of the retro swing music is the horn section. Although this photo shows the 11-piece configuration, we can include some brass in as small as a 9-piece group.

And, again, Clark and two of our JC Flapper girls out front.



If you want to make an impression, use one of our largest groups. This photo shows our 12-piece configuration, but add two more horns, a percussionist and a DJ and you can have 16-pieces on stage.

This time it will be Clark and three of our JC Flapper girls out front.

Here’s a photo of our 12-piece on stage.